There are four main elements to roulette so whether you play online or in a physical casino, there are similarities between each version. Each game has the big roulette wheel, the ball, the betting table and the gaming chips. We are looking at online roulette for this post so there may also be a live dealer should you choose the live version of the game. This is all well and good but how exactly can a new player find the best online roulette games with minimal fuss? There are a few ways to do this and we will explain them in this guide.

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Choosing Online Roulette Games

The aim of online roulette is the same as its traditional counterpart – to predict which pocket the ball will land in and players can bet on any plenty of different variables. There are different versions of the game to consider and each game has subtle differences to the other. Arguably, the most common variants are the European and American games. Both are very similar to the other and playing either American online roulette or European online roulette can net you big prizes if you are lucky.

What version should you play we hear you ask! Well, it really is a case of looking at both versions and how each differs from the other. Statistically, you have a marginally higher chance to win playing European online roulette and this is due to the fact that there is one less pocket on the European game. Some players enjoy the challenge of the American version so you really can play whichever you like. Once you have decided on the type of games you want to play you can begin to look for casino developers that fit your needs as a player.

Online Roulette Structures

Next it is time to choose the structure of the game that you want to play. Many modern online roulette games are live and let you play from the comfort of your sofa but in a real casino setting via video feed. These games have rapidly increased in popularity due to the realistic casino experience that they offer. Other things to consider would be your device of choice. Some players will want to play with a traditional desktop but mobile online roulette is more popular than ever with a big range of mobile casinos now on offer.

Some players will enjoy playing from their tablet whereas others will prefer their smartphone so whether you are an iPad user or a Samsung phone owner, there will be plenty of options for every type of device. The standard mobile casino will use HTML5 technology and allow you to play online roulette from the palm of your hand. Players should be careful with playing online roulette on mobile and ensure they have a secure internet connection at all times. However, there are also still plenty of desktop options for the online roulette purist.

This guide has aimed to underline the range of online roulette games that are available on an online casino. Players can play from their mobile devices with relative ease and the European version is arguably more popular than the American version and there are plenty of excellent bonuses to be aware of as well. We really like the live version of the game as well and developers such as Net Entertainment and NextGen are really starting to provide plenty of these options. You can win big if you are lucky so we hope you enjoyed this post and good luck playing online roulette and we hope you win big.

Tips & Tricks to Play Online Roulette Like a Pro

If you want to be the very best online roulette player that you can possibly be then there are a number of things that you can do to give yourself the best possible chance of winning. A good base knowledge of the game will give you a foundation from which you can start to win big and there are some excellent jackpots to be had for players that get lucky when they play online roulette so what exactly can you do to give yourself the best possible chance of winning big?

Online Roulette Tips

As a new online roulette player you should know the ins and outs of the game like the back of your hand after all, you are risking your hard-earned cash on it! At its core, online roulette is a very simple game and the online variant replicates the effects of the real thing pretty effectively. Choosing the game that is right for you is key but we would recommend starting out on the European variant as this game offers a slightly higher chance to win than its American counterpart. Once you have found a game to play you can begin to devise a strategy.

Understanding the house edge and the return to the player is also important and every game has both a house edge and an RTP. There are have been many attempts over the years to come up with online roulette betting strategies by various companies but it really is down to the player how they choose to play the game. Most punters will play be intuition meaning that they rely solely on their instincts to guess where they think the ball will land. This is the most common way of playing the game.

Online Roulette: More Tips

The problem with the betting strategies that you find online is that they simply cannot overcome the house edge. The house edge is embedded within the game so an excellent way to manage your betting is to consolidate your bets. Another way to enjoy the online roulette game is to play against a live dealer. These games offer a truly authentic taste of the real casino and the online casino combined and the live dealer is there to ensure everything ticks over smoothly. These games are great to play with others and can help you win big.

Some scammers will attempt to convince you that online roulette strategies are full proof but at the end of the day, the game is based purely on chance so the key is to play the game in the way that you are comfortable. The game of online roulette is supposed to be fun as well as a good way to win real cash prizes so try use the budget that you have available to place appropriate bets and hope you will win at least a few times. Remember to carefully consider the game type as well before making a deposit on a casino site.

These are just some of the things to consider when looking to play online roulette effectively. It is important to be aware that there is no concrete strategy and the player has to be able to play the game in a way that they feel comfortable. We hope this guide has helped and remember that if you have any online roulette questions then you can drop us a message. The game of online roulette is supposed to be fun so if you’re not having fun playing then perhaps it is time to think of a new way to play the game. Good luck!

Why Should You Play Online Roulette?

The game of roulette has been around for many years and players love spinning the classic roulette wheel and betting on where the ball will land. The game originated in France and continues to prove a hugely popular game to this day. The online version is more popular than ever so why exactly should you play online roulette? We can think of plenty of reasons as to why this should be your casino game of choice so we decided to write a small article on the benefits of online roulette and how it can help you win big.

Online Roulette: Simplicity Personified

The game can be as simple or complex as you want it to be with some excellent options available when it comes to playing online roulette. Of course, the game variant itself will determine the game rules and additional features so finding an online casino site that offers plenty of online roulette is the perfect starting point. Using Google is an excellent way for new and existing players to find a new site to play on and online roulette can be found on the majority of online casinos both big and small.

Once you have found a few sites you can begin to look at both the offers and the range of online roulette games that are available for that particular site. You will encounter different variants of the game and these will have different rules and features but arguably the two most common games are the European and American versions. Both are pretty similar but there are subtle differences between them. Our advice would be to play European online roulette as you have very slight higher chance to win playing this version of the game.

How to Win Playing Online Roulette

Players can win real cash playing online roulette if they play smart and this can be done using a number of tactics. The key point to understand is that the riskier the bet, the more cash you will win but of course, you are less likely to win than if you were to place a less risky bet. The key is to find a good balance and this can be done in several ways. Start out small and most online roulette games will let you gamble from around a pound. Starting out betting on a colour or odds or evens is advised too.

For example, betting on a red or black pocket will yield odds of around 1:1. This is an excellent way to begin your online roulette as this will ensure that you have a much higher chance to win. Then you can progress to slightly trickier odds such as betting on an individual pocket. A lot of online roulette games will even offer some additional features which can be purely cosmetic or enhance the gameplay in some shape or fashion. Once you have got used to the structure of your chosen game you can begin to try new and innovative bets to win big.

The game of online roulette is excellent fun to play for players of all experiences. We love the diverse range of online roulette that now exist on the market and players will feel like they are right there in a real casino when they spin the famous wheel online. Finding the best games takes time but it is well worth it when you start to win big. We hope this article has helped and good luck playing roulette online and remember if you need any help then feel free to drop us a message.