Roulette is a casino and gambling game named after a French diminutive for “little wheel”. No one is quite sure where the game of roulette was born.
It was believed that Blaise Pascal first came up with a mechanism which was very similar to the roulette. Later his friend modified the mechanism into a game. This was one theory with the casino game players.

pic1The other story was about Francois Blanc who was the first one to setup a casino at Monte Carlo and people believed that he sold a soul to the devil for the secracy of roulette. Thats why the roulette game had the numbers 666 when added up.

Roulette, and roulette gambling online, is a very thrilling and very attractive game and is now found in almost all the casinos. To determine the winner, the roulette wheel spins in one direction and the ball is placed rolling in the opposite direction. The ball naturally loses momentum and lands on a number. You can bet on either a number, or the colors red and black, or a range of numbers.

The game become immensely popular during the 18th century because of its popularity with Prince Charles of Monaco. The prince introduced the game to his kingdom believing it would reduce the economic distress. During the mid 1800’s the game become still more popular in the United States during the Gold Rush in California.

Now the game is one among the favourite of casino goers and almost every casino has got the popular two versions, the american roulette and the european roulette for its customers. If you want a good casino at which to play roulette we recommend the Danish Today the roulette game has also hit the internet and it was during the 1990’s online casino roulette become so popular that it changed the way people play games online. Many users come now from all over the World, in Germany for instance, Online Roulette kostenlos has become hugely popular. Equally popular is blackjack en ligne, or online blackjack, which also originated in France. On the whole, the roulette game is very attractive, addictive and irressitable for any casino lover. You can find this popular game at most online casinos including Casino Action.